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February 21 - 24, 2019


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Black Space Winnipeg in partnership with the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque is proud to present the 2019 Afro Prairie Film Festival in celebration of Black History Month, from February 21-24, 2019. The Afro Prairie Film Festival is the first Black film festival in the prairie region of Canada. This three-day festival celebrates Black cinema across North America and promotes the work of established and emerging Black filmmakers from right here in Manitoba. Participants can look forward a weekend filled with programming that explores Black narratives in filmmaking.


The Afro Prairie Film Festival is dedicated to the support and exposure of Black filmmakers and filmmaking in the prairies and across Canada. Through programming and education we are committed to Black representation on screen and behind the scenes.


  • The film industry has historically been exclusive towards communities of colour. Black representation on film, in theatre and in the general arts community in Winnipeg has been overlooked and undervalued in the mainstream arts culture. Given the importance of representation on film and behind the scenes, the Afro Prairie Film Festival provides a platform for Black voices, opportunities for professional development, networking, education and growth for emerging Black filmmakers to foster new ideas to be explored on film, and increase awareness of Black perspectives in filmmaking. Promoting Black narratives on screen is essential in order to genuinely diversify the Winnipeg arts community. The Afro Prairie Film Festival encourages artistic development and hopes to see more support for Black filmmakers across the prairies.

Ben Williams | Charles Burnett | Alexa Potashnik (Photo by - Travis Ross) 2018

Ben Williams | Charles Burnett | Alexa Potashnik (Photo by - Travis Ross) 2018

How it started?

Black Space Winnipeg joined forces with the Winnipeg Film Group in February 2017, where the Winnipeg debut of I Am Not Your Negro was first screened in Winnipeg. Since then, this community partnership has explored Black narratives in cinema through the screening of classic and contemporary Black films. Each film screening was followed with a panel discussion where Black Space Winnipeg members and community participants reflect on the themes and issues raised within each film. This has opened doors for community dialogue, building relationships and highlighting important conversations growing in Winnipeg's public discourse. From this community partnership came the initiative to dedicate a festival for Black filmmakers.


Meet Kaylan Michael

Kaylan Michael is a Montreal based graphic designer and self-taught visual artist and the brilliant mind behind the Afro Prairie Film Festival logo.  Kaylan focuses on Branding & Identity, Photo Manipulation, Apparel design and Illustrations. Kaylan has a passion for fashion and photography, enjoys designing clean, fun, smart and effective artworks that communicate to the viewer. Words that describe best her style are: Afrofuturistic, tribal, abstract, mysterious and spiritual. Follow Kaylan and visit her website!

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Afro Prairie Film Festival 2018 Trailer


Gallery | 2018 Afro Prairie Film Festival

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