Justice for Abdirham Abdi

August 24, 2016 | Alexa Potashnik

On August 24, 2016, a nationwide rally was held in response to the murder of 37 years old, Somali-Canadian Abdirham Abdi. Adirham Abdi, who was victimized and killed by Ottawa police, faced a mental illness which the Ottawa police department believed to be a contribution in his death. Police officers, Const. Dave Weir and Const. Daniel Montsion – were accessed and held accountable for the death of Mr. Abdi. Black Lives Matter – Toronto initiated this nationwide call to action. The rally was held in hopes to bring attention to the injustice of Mr. Abdi. The rally took place in major cities across Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto.


Black Space stood in solidarity as the event continued to build national interest. Taking up space at the police headquarters in each city was emphasized within the agenda of BLM-TO. Black Space held a rally at the Winnipeg Police Department to address the systemic injustice people of colour face in this country complemented by police brutality. The movement continues to support Mr. Abdi’s family: Justice for Abriham is making valiant efforts to keep the momentum and urge public concern in this human rights violation.  Winnipeg demonstrated support and solidarity in a moment of injustice that built community not only across Winnipeg but across the country.

Photo by Kelechi Asagwara

Photo by Kelechi Asagwara


News Coverage:

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Alexa Potashnik