Silence is Violence #WinnipegAgainstFascism

August 21, 2017 | Black Space Winnipeg

On Saturday, August 12, white nationalists caused uproar and civil turmoil in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since then, white nationalists, neo-nazi supremacists have began to declare their vocal rage, inflicting harm in the public eye. White nationalist movements have since proceeded across the US and in Canada. Recently, Winnipeg has been subject to white supremacist graffiti around the city, seen at The Forks Market and on Wellington Ave. (Source: CBC Manitoba


It may come as a shock to the general Canadian public, but these recent actions from oppressive groups comes as no surprise for BIPOC, marginalized people. The legacy of white supremacist, neo-nazi, white-nationalists groups have a long history In Canada. Due to the cultural mosaic narrative consumes by many Canadians, when we see harsh, direct acts of racism happen within the public eye, it brings our principles of national diversity and inclusion into question and creates uncertainty for folks who believe Canada is free of discrimination, this is simply not the case.


Black Space member, local author, podcast host and public figure Adeline Bird gave Winnipeg a wake up call in her recent interview with CBC Manitoba and Winnipeg Free Press



"We need to debrief, come together and heal. It's important that people who are seeing this and being surprised to really remember that we (people of colour) experience this on a daily basis. This is nothing new to us."


In hopes to generate safe space, Black Space Winnipeg will be hosting Silence Is Violence #WinnipegAgainstFascism, a community conversation and support event on Wednesday, August 23 at the Bulman MPR Centre University of Winnipeg (Spence Entrance, Riddell Hall). Similar support systems have been initiated across Winnipeg. We invite the public to come share concerns, frustrations and suggestions for moving forward as a community. We ask folks coming to this event to show empathy, exercise authentic allyship, bring food and generate support. Members to the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, People of Colours, Newcomers) are invited to come at 5:45 PM to ensure safe space for racialized folks. We ask allies to the BIPOC community please come for 7:00pm to ensure safe space for all participants.


For those who are eager to show support and create meaningful dialogue and thank of ways to move forward as a community are invited to join the conversation. For more information please contact us at:

Niyi Adewole